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The professional and personal benefits of meditation

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Thanks deeply to an accomplished meditating colleague (who is remaining anonymous at this point) who has authorized me to post these thoughts she had after listening to the CD set by Kelly McGonigal, PhD, entitled The Neuroscience of Change — A Compassion-Based Program for Personal Transformation: "The default mode of the brain (1) evaluates what’s going on in the present moment as something we like, don’t like, or we’re neutral about; (2) escapes from the present moment by time traveling to the past or the future; (3) reinforces the ego; and (4) makes enemies. During meditation we excavate from the present moment what we are experiencing, without judgment or adding story, and stay present to it. The mere act of being present to the default mode (without judgment) takes us out of the default mode. When we are in the default mode, we can create a lot of suffering for ourselves; when we pull out of it, we can experience the absence of suffering."

Thanks again to my colleague for such beneficial insights.