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“There is no out there for the Mind”

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What if all problems we experience needed to be resolved first by our working on ourselves as to how we react to those problems, and on what and on whom we ascribe or blame as the source of those problems? That powerful approach is consistent with non-attachment / non-duality.

Two days ago, I blogged on whether unnecessarily nasty prosecutors and judges get a call back from colleagues when in private practice. Part of my inspiration to write that entry was to help me stay at center after recent dealings with a prosecutor who is repeatedly and unnecessarily unpleasant, condescending, and seemingly uncaring — moreso than the vast majority of prosecutors I deal with — and not only to me.

Whenever I deal with people presenting such challenges, it is crucial for me to remember that the person who appears to be acting like a pain ordinarily is in pain, as Thich Nhat Hanh tells it. In dealing with people acting in this way, it is important for me to inquire about my own role, if any, in contributing to the other person’s actions. Certainly, no matter how pleasant are my words and tone of voice when doing so, in advocating for my clients, I do necessarily often present some very firm arguments, ideas and proposals to judges, prosecutors and police, that sometimes gets responses, whether inauthentic or not, of discomfort or disdain from such listeners.

I find that when I empty myself of anger and discomfort when facing people acting in such a challenging way, the problem often withers away quickly. That is easier for me to do by myself, but when my client hears the wrath of a judge or prosecutor in the courtroom, that is a tougher situation that I need to prepare my client for. That raises my point last August that criminal defense can be a healing art, with Ho’oponopono as a part of that healing.

Within a day of my dealing with the above-described prosecutor, I was brought further back to center and zero limits by Ho’oponopono practitioner Mabel Katz’s twit or Facebook posting reminding that there is not “out there.” More specifically, my teacher and Ho’oponopono practitioner Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len states the matter as follows: “It is absolutely important to know one’s Self Identity. It is absolutely important to realize at some point in one’s evolvement that existence is an inside affair, an inside job. It is absolutely crucial to realize that there is no out there for Mind. Existence — experience — is a function of only two causes — Inspirations from Divinity or memories stored in the subconscious mind.” Ihaleakala Hew Len (Valentine’s Day 2008) (emphasis added).

Thanks to Mabel Katz (no close family relation) for reminding me of the foregoing wisdom, and to Dr. Hew Len for inspiring me on this path. As he says, “And so it is.”