These are a few of my favorite blawgs

Jan 07, 2008 These are a few of my favorite blawgs

Through lists named “memes,” in later 2007 various blawgers listed their favorite ten blawgs, which amounted to tagging each listed blawger to post a top ten list. Thanks to Scott Greenfield and Jamie Spencer for having included me on their lists of ten favorite blawgs.

I have carefully crafted my blogroll to cover blogs that are of interest and (with a few exceptions) post regularly, except that I have listed prosecutors’ and judges’ blogs no matter how often they post and no matter how interesting are their posts, in order to understand them better. Consequently, I feel I am not doing justice to numerous excellent blogs that have not reached my following top ten list, which I list in alphabetical order below:

Abolish the Death Penalty — Presented by the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. The time has come.

Abolitionist: Animal Rights — The time has come.

Capital Defense Weekly (renamed Capital Case Review) — Nothing beats having capital defenders around to help recharge everyone’s batteries. Andrea Lyon is one of my favorite capital defenders; she does not have a blog.

Gideon the Public Defender — Gideon slugs it out in the pits in my natal state.

Innocence Project — Barry Scheck -— with whom I have spoken at several criminal defense lawyers’ conferences  —  will always have a special place in my heart. He is a powerhouse without a huge ego.

Marc Randazza‘s Legal Satyricon – Florida First Amendment lawyer who blogs expletives more often than I, because, like I, he often gets fed up with all the times that other people urinate on others’ rights. My further praise of Marc is here.

SCOTUS Blog — Includes Supreme Court junkies writing on Supreme Court news and analysis from the critical to the more peripheral.

Sentencing Law and Policy — Essential reading for criminal defense lawyers.

Simple Justice – Blogging several entries daily.

Jonathan Turley — Churning out several daily on-point blawg entries, usually about the day’s legal news. He joined my law school’s faculty too late, after I graduated.

Passion first and foremost drives the foregoing blogs to keep going strong, even with SCOTUS Blog, which is sponsored by a huge corporate law firm. Thanks to everyone who makes these blogs possible. Jon Katz

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