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Think twice about how much to use censoring FaceBook

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As I understand it, high schoolers, if not also college students, are widely seen as in nowheresville if they do not have FaceBook accounts.

What happened to people’s cynicism about overcommercialism and overconformity, including the inundation of advertisements on the righthand side of the FaceBook page that is specifically tailored to the userid and password that you insert?

FaceBook repeatedly gets criticized for its many obstacles to privacy. Now comes a new reason to rail against Facebook, after it revealed that Facebook will not allow advertisements with marijuana leaf pictures, even when the advertisement presents the leaf image to support marijuana legalization.  Who wants to heavily patronize Facebook when it imposes such bans?

Firedoglake has a petition against this FaceBook ban here. The JustSayNow campaign has devised a logo for everyone’s use with a “censored” stamp over a marijuana leaf.

Despite Google’s history of cozying up to the Chinese government’s censorships and repression machine, at least it has agreed to run the marijuana leaf ad banned by Facebook.

If nobody else has come up with the idea, if people are not going to abandon Facebook wholesale, it will be a great idea to have a Facebook-free day when nobody logs onto Facebook. That will heavily displease Facebook’s advertisers, which may be the only people that Facebook ends up truly listening to.