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Time to legalize prostitution

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Why is it news that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer may have been a john of high-priced prostitutes? Because that would amount to adultery? Because prostitution is illegal everywhere in the nation except parts of Nevada? Because it raises questions about where he found the funds for such high-priced indulgences? Because it would be hypocritical for this man who crusaded against prostitution to turn around and use their services himself?

Like marijuana, prostitution needs to be legalized, along with gambling. Once such activities are legalized and drugs are heavily decriminalized, we will have a smaller, less expensive, more efficient, and more trustworthy criminal justice system.

Sex sells. Prostitution is an age-old occupation. Erotic videos are a multi-billion dollar industry. It is time for the rest of the United States to follow suit with the counties of Nevada that allow prostitution. By doing so, the underground prostitution activity in the United States can come above ground, be regulated, and be taxed. Then, police will be able to focus their limited resources on more serious crime