To Don Cornelius- Thanks, and Love, Peace and Soul

Feb 03, 2012 To Don Cornelius- Thanks, and Love, Peace and Soul

Sending good vibes to recently-passed-away Don Cornelius and his family. Scores were the Saturday mornings during my single and early double-digit years in the 1970’s, when I watched and dug Soul Train, ending in Don’s trademark "Love, peace and soul" signoff.

Little did I realize at the time the breakthrough that was Soul Train in shining the spotlight on its guests, types of entertainment, and dancers that was exponentially larger than if the show had not existed. Here, here and here are three parts of an infomercial for a compilation of Soul Train episodes.

Of course, Don was more than Soul Train. Here he explains that R&B continued into soul, funk, rap, and hip-hop ("which is where we are now") and that "you hear so much of the music of the seventies in the music of the nineties, because the music of the seventies was so well done. "

Sending Don love, peace and soul. 

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