To twitter or not when Daniel Schorr, SunWolf and Jack Herer are there?

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Apr 29, 2009 To twitter or not when Daniel Schorr, SunWolf and Jack Herer are there?

Twitter is McSpeak.

Long before the Internet came about, yogi Baba Hari Dass went silent and communicated by a chalkboard hung around his neck. Such communication helped Baba-ji free himself from excessive verbal and written noise so he could focus on living the yoga life. This is very much the opposite of sending multiple daily text McMessages from a cellphone followed by McTwitter.

However, yesterday I learned that intriguing people beyond SunWolf are actively posting on Twitter, including Daniel Schorr, Jack Herer, and the folks at Barry’s Magic Shop. For the time being, I will follow their postings and may post a few items from time to time, from Here are two of my recent posts:

– “With such amazing folks as Daniel Schorr praising twitter — — can’t McTwitter expand above 140 characters?” Why cannot Twitter expand beyond its 140-character limit per message? Is Twitter trying to fit within the usual space limit for SMS cellphone text messages?

– “Vomit and the Zits: Have any of you heard their music?” Their name alone makes me wish I had gone to hear this since-defunct band play in Montreal during my first visit there in 1985.

Andy Carvin at NPR set up Schorr’s twitter account in February, and Schorr has posted there several times, including:

– “What impresses me about Twitter is that it gives you a sense of community. Thanks again to everyone for being so great.”.

– “Thanks to everyone. I like being in touch with young people, who are probably a third or even a quarter of my age.”

– “Reflecting a lot about the reaction to my Twittering. It strikes me that it could serve as a bridge between the generations.”

– “is thrilled about the response from his Twitter followers, and actually quite moved. It’s delightful”

Daniel Schorr rocks, and he even did so with Frank Zappa, as I discuss here.

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