Transcending annoyances today because they will recur – Virginia lawyer

Aug 29, 2018 Transcending annoyances today because they will recur – Virginia lawyer


Transcending annoyances today because they will recur - Virginia lawyer

Transcending annoyances today because they will recur – Virginia lawyer

Virginia criminal lawyer on transcending annoyances, pain, and obstacles

Transcending annoyances is a key part of criminal defense. As a Virginia criminal lawyer, I know that now is the time to reach that transcendence, lest I get caught treading water and getting nowhere in a constant Groundhog Day

Fairfax criminal attorney on transcending annoyances through engaging rather than running away from them

My teacher (from afar) Ram Dass aptly underlines that “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” On that note is this great illustration of a meditating husband getting bent out of shape with his interrupting wife, complaining: “Damn it, Gloria, here I am meditating and attaining all this inner peace and joy, and you interrupt just to find out what the hell I want for dinner?”

Virginia criminal lawyer on fighting powerfully in the eye of the storm

Tough and focused, my teacher Jun Yasuda takes an engaged tack, rather than even seeking bliss in the first place. For instance, not long after Jun-san completed a weeklong mostly dry fast (with only one drink of water in the middle of her fast) outside Mumia Abu Jamal’s prison (when he still was on death row), I told Jun-san how much devotion her hardcore fast expressed. In her usual fashion, Jun-san replied along the lines of “It’s okay Jon-san. So many people in the world are suffering so much more” than from simply dry-fasting for days on end.

The answer, also, to being effectively persuasive at all times as a trial lawyer, and comfortable in one’s skin is not to run  off into the wilderness to seek an elusively quiet bliss, but in winning in the eye of the storm while fully engaging with and feeling any annoyances and pain swirling around. Fighting in the eye of the storm of the storm can yield some true magic.

Fairfax criminal lawyer on winning while walking on hot coals

Pursuing this annoyance-transcending path not only makes me stronger for not letting annoyances distract me, but also makes me ready at all times to walk proverbially barefoot over hot coals to grab the trophy of victory.

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