The transformatively persuasive power of being fully present

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Dec 21, 2015 The transformatively persuasive power of being fully present

Giving one’s presence is one of the greatest gifts one can give, and is of course powerful for persuasion, because it inspires the presence of those one seeks to persuade.

I always am inspired by the story of the late Beopjeong Seunim who one day helped a woman in deep grief over her son’s recent death, by simply being fully present with her, mostly wordlessly, starting from the moment he poured her tea. Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono master Morrnah Simeona silently cleaned over a predicament a visitor was having as Morrnah was going about her external tasks. Similarly, we see the magic of Jon Kabat Zinn’s total presence and caring at minutes 14:00 in this documentary from over twenty year ago about his work.

Today’s smartphone world challenges us all the more to be fully in the present, so that we are fully with those drivers and passengers in the adjacent cars on the road, with those sharing an elevator, and with those scrambling for the shortest line at the grocery store.

Before the Internet entered the daily lexicon, the late Washington, D.C., jazz piano master Lawrence Wheatley refused to be recorded, because he believed in the necessity of the public experiencing and supporting local musicians live, and hearing the purity of the music, as did Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez’s character in Diva. 

I experienced Lawrence Wheatley one rainy Saturday at One Step Down in the early 1990’s, and he and his tight band transformed the wet day in this dark cellar into sunshine.

Similarly with trials, lawyers have a choice to drone on and on in juror-torturing tones, or to transform, transport, and inspire the lawyer’s and jurors’ minds and imaginations and courage to do right by the lawyer’s client.

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