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Trial lawyer John Delgado rocks and rolls

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When I am at risk of feeling bleak over the criminal justice system, a client’s case, or judges, jurors, prosecutors and opposing witnesses who do not appear to give a damn about justice, several people inspire me to get back on track. They include Steve Rench, SunWolf, Ben Lo, Cheng Man Ching and Jun Yasuda, all of whom I have blogged about numerous times.

I add to this list Columbia, South Carolina, criminal defense lawyer John Delgado. At the 1994 National Criminal Defense College’s Trial Practice Institute, John masterfully direct-examined his murder client — starting off with "Did you do it?" — leading him as smoothly as if he were cross-examining, while pointing his finger at the villainous cops who pressured a false confession, motioning to the angels with his hand palm-down, and finally setting the gut-wrenching visual stage of the claustrophobic coerced false confession, including having the interrogating cops in the courtroom come forward and crowd in John’s client. .

John transcends the boundaries of defending our clients. Simultaneously he cares about them deeply. This photo of John and his client Raymondeze Rivera says it all about how deeply John cares for his clients, no matter how severe the criminal charges or court verdict.

Thanks, John, for you.