UCLA police assault student multiple times with taser

Nov 19, 2006 UCLA police assault student multiple times with taser

The attached video (No longer available on YouTube) from November 14, 2006, shows police in hyper-control and brutality mode — tasing multiple times a UCLA student accused of nothing worse than being in the UCLA library without identification to permit him to be there and not leaving when asked by a university employee. Then the police tase him again when — shocked and in pain over the first tase — the gentleman does not leave the library quickly enough to the liking of the police. The university admits the student was tased multiple times.

Adding insult to injury, the victim of this police brutality was arrested and cited by campus police for resisting and obstructing a police officer.

Thanks to TalkLeft for covering this story. News about this brutality incident is here and here. An additional video, and news story, is here. Here is an interview with the student’s lawyer. Here is an account from UCLA campus television. As of this time, the university has nothing but a lame response, rather than at least setting forth immediate orders severely curbing tasing, and to better hire, train, monitor, and fire campus police. My previous blog entry on tasing is here.

Here is a recent overview of taser dangers in In These Times. Here is a purported account by the student whom a police officer threatened with tasing after he asked for the officer’s badge number. Here is a UCLA campus newspaper overview of the UCLA police history with obtaining and using tasers.

Everyone, please shine a bright light on police brutality and other police abuses. If this police behavior is taking place at a highly-ranked university, it likely is happening in many other places, too. Use your cellphones, videocameras and audio recorders to record police transgressions. (Know before you record; Eugene Volokh reports here about some states’ unjust criminal laws regarding such recording). Report police abuse to the press, the American Civil Liberties Union and to all other organizations working to right such wrongs. Let the victims of the brutality know that you are an available witness.

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