Underdog’s facelift is one year old

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Oct 15, 2007 Underdog’s facelift is one year old


A year ago, our Underdog blog underwent a facelift and technological metamorphosis. Before that, our blog ran on regular Internet publishing software rather than on blogging software.

Thanks immensely to our sitehost Daytona Networks for finding, configuring, and uploading our new blog software. 

A few people have told me about Underdog uploading slowly sometimes. Our sitehost believes that’s related to the brief times each day when the sitehost’s power is lower for such tasks as daily site statistic downloading. However, if anybody has any suggestions for a faster sitehost or faster-loading quality uploadable blog software, I welcome your suggestions. I am particularly interested in finding a sitehost with redundant servers, to have a backup hosting server during any outages of the primary hosting server. In any contract with a sitehost, I do not wish to have censorship provisions.

Underdog was launched on April 20, 2006. Many blogs start tentatively but soon either peter out or blog infrequently. Ours is here to stay, and, has published every weekday since April 20, 2006, except for vacation time, when we have linked to earlier months’ archives to review. My articles on blogging are here and here. Jon Katz.

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