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Update on meditating and meeting with local mindful lawyers

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Last Tuesday night, we had a terrific gathering of the D.C.-area Contemplative Law Group. https://katzjustice.com/?p=62071 A dozen lawyers from private firms, in-house, government and other endeavors joined for discussion on mindfulness in the practice of law and life, a terrific 20-minute meditation led by meditation teacher/Justice Department lawyer Mary Aubry  https://imcw.org/Teachers/Teacher/TeacherID/6.aspx, dinner, and general discussion about such matters as the recent local BuddhaFest.

As I said to Mary — who loves her work doing main Justice Department work plus prosecuting, as I love my criminal defense work– mindfulness practice is a key platform for my gladly joining with those who would be my opposing lawyers in court. We are, of course all  connected  I also look forward to judges joining us. Numerous judges are out-of-the-closet meditation/mindfulness practitioners, with the approach being particularly frequent and common in Florida with judges and lawyers. https://katzjustice.com/?p=62068

When I first heard about local sitting meditating lawyers over a year ago, I wondered where it fit in with me when my daily taijiquan moving meditation practice. Subsequently, I learned of the awesome benefits of sitting meditation as byproducts of local gatherings with Cheri Maples, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sharon Salzberg and the September 2011 Buddhafest. Here is how I now see meditation and mindfulness:https://katzjustice.com/?p=62075

What next? An optional five minutes of of courtroom meditation before proceedings, with the judge and all parties and courtroom personnel, and for depositions, mediations and arbitrations, as well? I can dream, can’t I?