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“USA vs. AL-ARIAN” premieres this Wednesday night in Washington, D.C.

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USA vs. Al-Arian

On this blogpage and our static website is a visual link to my January 2006 O’Reilly Factor interview, in which I supported the dismissal of the prosecution against Sami Al-Arian.

As I previously blogged, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education several years ago hooked me up with then-professor Al-Arian to advise him on his Constitutional claims after he was suspended from the University of South Florida, after the university experienced substantial heat following Mr. Al-Arian’s own appearance on the O’Reilly Factor. My views about Mr. Al-Arian’s politics were irrelevant to his unjust suspension and subsequent firing over his appearance on the O’Reilly Factor, and irrelevant to my subsequent support for the dismissal of his prosecution.

A recent listserv e-mail announces the December 5, 2007 (7:00 p.m.), Washington, D.C., premiere of U.S. v. Al-Arian at the Uptown Theater, which has the best and biggest movie screen in the city. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

At the conclusion of the screening will be a panel discussion moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, with the following participants: Georgetown Law Professor David Cole; Linda Moreno, who was one of Mr. Al-Arian’s trial attorneys, and who was very kind and generous with her time in helping me prepare for the O’Reilly Factor interview on the case; George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley; Mr. Al-Arian’s son Abdullah Al-Arian; and film director Line Halvorsen.

I have a prior obligation on the night of the premiere; otherwise, I would be going. If you attend, please update me. I will be attending, and look forward to posting an update here. Jon Katz.