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“I knew you would pull it off,” said my client

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“I knew you would pull it off,” said my client, after I felt like I had pulled a rabbit out of a hat getting his misdemeanor case dismissed. On our third trial date, the prosecutor finally agreed to dismiss my client’s marijuana possession case after my client followed my roadmap of homework (clean urine drug tests, participating in a drug education program, and performing community service), and I presented his compelling story of how he had finally stopped smoking marijuana, had paid penance through community service, and had a promising career future ahead if we could avoid a marijuana conviction.

Without going into details, obtaining this case dismissal was an uphill battle. After our dismissal victory, my client spoke more optimistically than I had forecast of the possibilities, of his faith all along in my ability to reach such a result. I thanked and praised my client for the positive energy he vibrated at every step of his case, as part of our teamwork in slaying the dragon of his case, so that he may move forward with his life.

With another client, after we substantially exceeded our expectations in court, I was immediately struck with the instant positive turnaround this victory spelled for my client’s life. Here again, as with my above-described marijuana defense client, my client had been full of optimistic energy that assisted our successful teamwork and case result.

While plenty of my clients feel like they are on roller coasters with their cases, plenty of them join me in disembarking from the roller coaster, never boarding in the first place, or finding a way to enjoy the ride. For those who feel ungrounded as if on a roller coaster, I am there with them every step of the way. When they recognize that I am with them for the long haul, my clients often feed off that positive energy, just as I feed off my clients’ positive energy, and the energy of knowing that keeping my eyes on the prize of victory brings me closer to victory.

A doctor and nurse can better help an injured patient when the patient remains still and calm enough to be sufficiently examined, and to receive any necessary injections. The injured patient can feel motivated towards that calm by feeling confident in and cared for by the doctor or nurse. As the patient feeds off the positive energy of the doctor and nurse, the doctor and nurse themselves feed off the positive energy of the patient, to the point that the positive energy snowballs large enough to seem limitless.

But at any point, my client who at once is positive can crash, maybe because s/he was hiding his or her anxiety all along, maybe because a friend or family member went all negative on my client about his or her case over the prior weekend, and maybe because s/he enters a new psychological portal that challenges my client’s ability to remain calm and positive.

I cannot force nor push my clients to assure that they are taking good care of themselves through proper rest, diet and exercise, hopefully supplemented with spiritual and mindful practice.

I am reminded of a former lawyer with the Federal Elections Commission who told me of his encounter with an investigation subject who was cantankerous, rude, indignant; you name it. Just as Gandhi is said to have told a parent to come back in a few days before he acted on the parent’s request to help get her child off his sugar over-consumption (because Gandhi needed first to prepare by stopping his own sugar consumption), this FEC lawyer went to his hotel at the end of the day, meditated, and cleared the clutter and cobwebs in his being. The next day, the lawyer returned to the same man who was cantankerous the previous day. With the FEC lawyer’s feeling all calm and grounded, the subject of the investigation was calm and no longer negative. Yes, I can inspire my clients to become grounded as we work together as a team. It is great when they arrive at that point.