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For over two years, I have prominently featured the Busted video on every page of Underdog, while promoting donations to the film’s non-profit producer, FlexYourRights.org.

Busted features prominently in my Know Your Rights admonition to everyone. Recently, I even found myself parroting one of Busted’s key and very precious mantra’s when briefly and unconstitutionally detained for being a suspected airport t’ai chi terrorist: “Officer, am I free to leave?”

Flex Your Rights has paid me the compliment of inviting and adding me to its advisory board. It remains a true honor to continue to collaborate with Flex Your Rights’ Scott Morgan and Steve Silverman, with whom I have had the pleasure of appearing before audiences replacing fiction with fact about dealing with the police.

If you have not yet viewed Busted, I urge you to view it today. You can see it free on YouTube and can order a DVD to pass out. If you have already viewed Busted, clearly you know how groundbreaking and critical is this video; please share the Busted YouTube link with your friends — and enemies — today. Jon Katz.