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Our Fairfax criminal lawyer website is upgraded & faster

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Oct 05, 2017 Our Fairfax criminal lawyer website is upgraded & faster

Our Virginia criminal lawyer website is upgraded and faster.


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Thanks deeply to our webmater/graphic designer Rosalina Hansen not only for seamlessly moving our thousands of static and blogpages, and emailing system, to our new sitehost InMotion Hosting but also for in the process doing the behind-the-scenes work of streamlining our webpage organization and assuring sufficient backups of all our website data.

With our Virginia criminal lawyer website’s transition to InMotion Hosting, the higher page loading speed is already obvious. Our new sitehost accommodates websites, like ours, that use the popular WordPress website format, and our sitehost transition and upgrade means our website will rarely if ever be down, even for short periods. (After first uploading this blogposting, I found a couple of behind-the-scenes WordPress-related kinks that are being smoothed out.)  We have ugraded to Virtual Private Server (VPS) website hosting.

Our Virginia criminal lawyer website started as one of the first law firms in the Northern Virginia/national capital area to have a detailed, multipage website, and then to have a constantly updated criminal law blog. When I started the site on my own in 1999, I selected Microsoft Front Page as our webdesign/webpublishing software, which at the time was a rather new software package. In 2006, I started our Underdog blog, named for the spirit with which my then law partner Jay Marks and I fight for our clients against any and all odds, and ultimately ran the blog from the then-newer Serendipity blog software.

Technology and practices with websites have changed rapidly since our website’s 1999 birth. I found my website akin to post-World War II, where Japan and Germany ended up building state-of-the-art factories to replace the war-destroyed factories, but the United States lagged behind with much older factories. I made a few efforts to bring our website into a more updated design and format, only to feel daunted about finding the right webmaster to transfer our ultimately over two thousand static pages and blogpages. Thank goodness, a colleague steered me to our webmaster Roz Hansen, backed up by advice from a local Internet consultant.

Before we switched to WordPress, our static webpage design looked like this, and our blog software looked like this. The switch to WordPress was a tremendous and completely worthwhile task.

If you have any suggestions for improving our website, please let me know at

Virginia criminal lawyer/ Fairfax DUI attorney Jon Katz is available to discuss your case in confidence. For an appointment, please call his staff at 703-383-1100. 

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