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Our website’s phase 2 update is complete

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Dec 03, 2016 Our website’s phase 2 update is complete

Thanks to my webdesigner Rosalina Hansen for bringing my 2015 website overhaul to the next level.

New features added to our website include a magnifying glass search icon, a first page slide show, which I will be updating; a page introducing you to our law firm team; a streamlined listing of our law firm’s practice areas; tabs below our slideshow listing our practice areas; a more visible series of icons to our social media links; and some more subtle updates to make our site more readable and user-friendly.

In addition to thanking my webdesigner, I thank my wife for taking my current main website photo, and my staff and others who gave me input both for our 2015 website overhaul and our recent update. I thank my brother lawyer Marc Randazza for referring me to my webdesigner Roz.

Our website uses WordPress software, which I am able to handle for most simple updates, turning to my webdesigner for more significant updates.

If you have any suggestions for improving our website, please let me know.

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