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Visit our expanded and constantly updated legal links

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Our legal links webpage is an eight-year work in progress. Our blog and blogroll are a two-year work in progress. I hope they are a benefit to you.

The latest update to our legal links page is an addition of a military criminal defense section and a Native American law section. They are both areas of law that interest me very much, and that seem to be under-studied. I am interested in military criminal defense generally because I am interested in just about all criminal defense, and also because the topic includes the treatment of prisoners of war and alleged enemy combatants, and the military death penalty system. For Native American law, my interests include learning more about the sovereign rights being exercised and fought for by Native Americans, the right to use peyote and all other drugs for sacramental purposes, and the Native American court systems — particularly the criminal justice system.

I welcome all your suggestions for additions and other improvements to our links page and to the rest of our website and blog. Jon Katz.