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Oct 13, 2009 Visiting the scene

One of the early critical lessons taught to trial lawyers is to visit (and photograph) the scene of the alleged incident, even if that takes substantial time, effort and discomfort.

Recently, two fellow trial lawyers, myself, a client, and top-notch jury trial/psychodrama expert Don Clarkson joined to visit the scene beyond what can be photographed, to get into my client’s mind, memories, feelings and experiences relating not only to defending against the current prosecution against him, but to understand him as a whole person, and for him to understand his situation and to help him and me tell his persuasive story.

Nearly three years ago, I wrote why psychodrama works, as I have known for many years, as well as knowing the power of focus groups and mock trials in preparing lawyers, their clients, and witnesses for trial. Of particular importance is to get input from non-lawyers, who are not stuck in lawyerthink.

I deeply thank Don Clarkson and the other participants in this and all other workshops that I have assembled over the years to prepare for trials. It goes without saying that I remain happily available to help them and their clients, as well.   

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