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War is not fair – Battle onward

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Trial is war, and war is not fair. Therefore, trial warriors must transcend the unfairness on the road to victory, by focusing on being battle-ready at all times with knowledge, skill, persuasiveness, hard work, having all necessary weapons, knowing how to use them, and knowing when to keep them sheathed and unsheathed. 

In the above-displayed video I am across the way from the courthouse in Manassas, Prince William County, Virginia. It would be nice if the horrible, painful history of slavery and Jim Crow that was enforced in the Virginia courthouses could be erased merely by boarding up the building for good. It is not as easy as that. Certainly, trial practice in Virginia brings lawyers face-to-face with a recently restored rifle-pointing Confederate soldier statue at the Loudoun County courthouse (without being offset with a civil rights-related statue nor sign), a high-quality engraving of Robert E. Lee at the Culpeper County Circuit Court clerk’s office, stars-and-bars flags gracing the front of numerous trucks, and the list goes on. 

Escaping such discomfort at and on the way to courthouses is turning away from learning how to battle calmly and effectively in the eye of the storm. So long as such levels of discomfort are present, it is important to be ready to battle there.

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