We are open, after last night’s snowstorm

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Jan 27, 2011 We are open, after last night’s snowstorm

Our office is open today and tomorrow. The snow ended last night. Fortunately, our electricity remains on while over one hundred thousand homes in the county awoke to no electricity, including mine.

I tend to get bored with discussions of the weather, and still wonder why one cable television channel is devoted exclusively to the weather. I recount the following in case it helps save anyone from injury when considering being overly cavalier about dicey snow:

Last night, I thought I had selected a less-trafficked route home in the quickly-falling snow. Instead, I learned after-the-fact that cars were getting nowhere up a modest incline two miles from my office, because cars at the front were skidding, spinning tires, and getting nowhere. My car started accumulating so much ice as I awaited a continued on-again off-again crawl that my tires started spinning excessively to the point where the best I could do was to somehow get to the side of the street — perhaps by help of the hand of the president of the Secular Humanists — and leave my car there to retrieve it the next day. As I walked the mile or two to the Bethesda Metro to go to the Metro stop a mile from my home, I saw that cars ahead of mine were not getting anywhere into the stretch of East-West Highway around two to three blocks east of Connecticut Avenue. Continuing on East-West Highway on the western side of Connecticut Avenue, there was more of the same misery for cars skidding and spinning wheels all over the place. Some kind people helped others get back on target, only to reveal a long line of other stranded folks behind them.

As I walked home from the subway station, the entire experience was wonderful, with a snow wonderland, most of the stretches of road hushed of human activity, and the sky giving light even in the large areas where the street lamps had lost power.

This morning, I returned to where I had left my car, only to learn it had been towed to a lot two miles from my office, to clear the area for the snowplows.

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