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We reopen Tuesday, laughing in the face of snow

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Our office will reopen Tuesday, March 4. I expect the courts to reopen, as well. Today, March 3, the courts were closed, and many stretches of even the main roads were a mess.

Moving to the South (Washington, D.C., and its Virginia and Maryland suburbs) from New York in 1986 was a cultural adjustment enough. On top of that, whereas a few inches of snow does little to close courts and schools up north, the same amount of snow much more easily closes courts and schools where I now live. This is a function of temperature, temperament, and preparedness. Snow around here often comes close to the freezing threshold, which more easily brings ice than in New Jersey and north of there. Northerners are more accustomed to driving and walking in snow than people where I live. Plows and salt/sand trucks often do better and more quicker jobs than where I live.

Laughing in the face of snow, I look forward to returning to court tomorrow.