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Welcoming your thoughts for my talk tomorrow to a graduate human sexuality counseling class

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Tomorrow night, I am reprising for the third or fourth time my somewhat annual role in talking with graduate students at George Washington University’s human sexuality class. It is a great opportunity to catch the students before they become set in their ways as psychological professionals.

Following is the general outline of possible discussion ideas that I have provided the course’s instructor. If you have additional ideas of items to cover, please send them my way by a public comment here or by emailing me a jon@katzjustice.com .

GRADUATE HUMAN SEXUALITY/ COUNSELING CLASS– The perspective of a lawyer practicing criminal defense, adult entertainment defense, and defense of alternative mutually consensual sexual lifestyles.  


Jon Katz has been practicing criminal defense for over twenty years, starting with defending indigent people charged with crimes. Jon has been in private criminal defense practice for over one dozen years, defending people charged with drugs, drunk driving, sex offenses, assault, white collar defense, and the list goes on.  Jon graduated from George Washington Law School (J.D. 1989) and Tufts University (B.A. 1985).  


To the class’s students: In my experience, a discussion works best rather than a straight lecture. I want to know what you want to discuss. I want to hear what you think. I am here as much to learn as to talk.

Here are some items that might be of interest to discuss. Please consider additional items:  

– Relationship among  treating forensic psychologists, their patients and lawyers.   

– Confidentiality in dealing with patients and their lawyers. 

– Not writing a report before getting the lawyer’s green light. Writing good reports. 

– Testifying honestly, naturally, confidently,  and with a full command of the factual and scientific knowledge side of the material.  

– The doctor-patient relationship. Paternalism/confrontation versus empathy. Serving the interests of the patients versus the interests of the state.  

— Separating the alleged sin from  the alleged sinner.  

— Encouraging progress with the patient,  rather than concluding all is a lost cause. 

– Child pornography, soliciting children for sexual activity, and sexual  assault. 

— Dealing with the disgusting allegations. 

— Mandatory minimum sentencing and sentencing guidelines for child sex offenses.  

— Civil commitment for future dangerousness.  

—  When physical/sexual/mental abuse as a child leads adults to identify with children, while sexual beings in adults’ bodies. 

– The role of the psychological professional in keeping people committed as mentally ill, and drugged up. Their role for the defense, prosecution and courts for determinations of fitness to proceed to trial, criminal responsibility, and sentencing. 

– Junk science v. real science. Standards for receiving expert testimony.  

– The effect of criminal convictions on people’s job security, immigration status, security clearances, ability to travel abroad, and standing in society.  

– Efforts to be accepted into the mainstream by those involved in consensual alternative sexual lifestyles, including BDSM, LGBT (not necessarily an alternative lifestyle), polyamory, and nudism (with nudism ordinarily not being sexual). Banding together with such groups as the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. https://www.woodhullalliance.org.

Lawrence v. Texas,  539 U.S. 558 (2003) (https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/02-102.ZS.html ) prohibits criminalization of adult consensual sodomy. What does it do to protect other sexual activity, and sex toys?

– Prosecutions for obscenity. The Comstock Act of 1873, and state Comstock Acts, which was used to prosecute Lady Chatterly’s Lover, birth control devices, and more.  

– Adult video stores, strip clubs, and online internet, as they relate to the criminal law, and to censorship to prevent children and disinterested people from watching.   

– America’s bipolar relationship with sex. Puritanism and a hugely profitable adult entertainment and prostitution industry.   

– Are pornography and prostitution deterrents from more sex offenses and psychological problems?

– STDs and how to address them, including efforts in Los Angeles to mandate condom use in adult filmmaking.