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Well-being boils down to daily practice – That is all

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Self help books line Barnes & Noble shelves wall to wall. The temptation to read self-help books, attend self-help conferences and watch self-help videos must not interfere with putting the self help into practice. With that, the core of my self help includes applying daily mindfulness and taijiquan practice, applying non-duality, and recognizing the three marks of existence of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self, as further detailed by my teacher Thubten Chodron.

On the three marks of existence, we know that everything is impermanent. To fight that brings disappointment with life. We all know that we will face unsatisfactory situations to say the least.

Perhaps more difficult to face is the concept of non-self, that we are instead more connected than separate beings.

My teacher Norman Fischer hits the three marks of existence on the head in Training in Compassion, including this passage, where he says “There is no essential me. Things are coming and going, here, within the sphere of what I call my consciousness, and that is all.”

That is all.