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“What is that address!” he shouted “Give me that address!”

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Flannery O’Connor lived in an ordinary place while writing extraordinary prose, sometimes about the grotesque. (Image from a Voice of America article).

Storytelling is a critical part of persuasion, so long as the storyteller engages and persuades the decision maker, rather than boring and irritating the listener. The amazing Sunwolf makes that fully clear.

No storyteller has whipped together fiction as riveting and real-seeming to me as Flannery O’Connor in Wise Blood, including the above-quoted chilling shout from Hazel Motes to Enoch in this tale that thoroughly weaves in the grotesque.

Bringing Flannery O’Connor all the more to life are this recent New York Times travelogue, this website of the O’Connor-promoting Andalusia Foundation, and this website of the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home Foundation.

I have described some of my other favorite stories and storytellers here. Jon Katz.