Before co-founding Apple, Steve Jobs asked an IBM engineer/ Zen teacher “What is work”

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Feb 07, 2016 Before co-founding Apple, Steve Jobs asked an IBM engineer/ Zen teacher “What is work”

After his return from India, twenty-year-old Steve Jobs asked Zen teacher and IBM engineer Les Kaye: “What is work?”

If Jobs did not already know the answer, he likely recognized at some point that a life well lived well-balanced and well-lived positively integrates work with the rest of life. That is non-duality.

So much is not known about Steve Jobs, despite all the ink written about him. While he was very much influenced in Eastern philosophy, Les Kaye says Jobs left the Haiku Zen center “after one year, devoting himself to his new found direction in the high-tech.”

Not to compare myself to Jobs, I say nevertheless that I know the gap between aspiring to meditate daily while tackling my many hours and obligations with work, and accomplishing the meditation daily. I know the deep life and work benefits that I obtain with meditation, where by now I am able to reach amazing meditative states. Jon Kabat Zinn reminds us that we can experience mindful moments throughout the day, without necessarily needing to be meditation. I benefit tremendously by putting myself back in touch with those deep meditative moments even on the days that I have not been able to devote myself to do sitting meditation.

Jobs inspires me on the heights we can reach even with our shortcomings, of which he had many.

Here are some further links that inspire and inform me about Steve Jobs:

– Never abandon finding what you love.

– Compilation of Jobs’s “one more/last things”.

– Les Kaye brought Meditation at Work to Apple.

– Zen of Steve Jobs  (available here), and see a video on it.

– Steve Jobs was taken by Zen and calligraphy. (Min. 17;00.) He noticed the lines’ and spaces’ relationship.

Jobs was significantly influenced by  Zen teacher Kobun Chino. Jobs was in tears over Kobun Chino’s 2002 drowning. Here is a video of Kobun Chino, and memories of him.


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