What makes David Lynch tick?

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Jan 04, 2009 What makes David Lynch tick?

David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

Great creativity from any quarter inspires me as a trial lawyer.

Film directors who particularly inspire me include Jim Jarmusch, John Waters, and David Lynch. All three came to filmmaking from outside the Hollywood filmmaking establishment, and all of them have pushed the creative envelope. Jarmusch has said that he bypasses the suits and gets much of his film financing from Europe. In his early days, Waters assembled a motley crew from Baltimore in low-budget works that earned him the title of the prince of puke and the king of trash. David Lynch said that his now-widely celebrated Eraserhead has a one and one-half year time gap in a scene where Jack Nance opens a door and emerges on the other side, due to a budgeting drought. All three directors were passionate enough about filmmaking over profit that they persevered and succeeded.

Pure, quality art for art’s sake is inspiring, whether it be the visual or performing arts.

As I discuss here, I first learned of Lynch’s Eraserhead from the wall poster of a first-semester college roommate with whom I was so narrow-minded that I resisted knowing about Eraserhead for years. I finally saw the film eighteen years ago, and it remains one of my favorites.

This being Sunday, when I often blog on items less directly related to law, I post here the following links that might give some insight about what makes David Lynch tick:

– Here is a lengthy presentation by Lynch and others, including the inspiration Lynch derives from Transcendental Meditation. TM was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whom John Lennon eventually panned as but a mere mortal, at best.. I meditate through t’ai chi standing meditation; beforehand, I sometimes meditated using the teachings of Herbert Benson in the Relaxation Response.

– Lynch discusses the development of ideas.

– He discusses Eraserhead here (with Jack Nance, who played Henry, also in the last clip).

Here he discusses Mulholland Drive.

– Lynch finds advertising product placement in films to be B.S. He says a film cannot be experienced on a telephone. He likes using expletives. Jon Katz.

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