What makes one a hippie lawyer?

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Apr 06, 2007 What makes one a hippie lawyer?

The peace symbol went far beyond hippies. Gerald Holtom designed the symbol in 1958, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament adopted the symbol for its logo.

A fellow National Lawyers Guild member has selected the intriguing URL of Hippielawyer is Alan Graf. He lives on a commune of sorts in western Tennessee.

Although I do not consider myself a hippie, the hippie era — which fully emerged when I was in my single digits — has influenced me significantly, including the importance of doing your own thing. Among my many influences from the hippie era are the Chicago Seven trial; Ram Dass and his heavily influential Be Here Now (if "be here now" were applied by all people, the world would be a much better and more peaceful place); Bhagavan Das, who introduced Ram Dass to being here now; and Jack Kerouac, whose On the Road approach to life and writings heavily influenced the hippie movement. Jon Katz.

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