“When you do not own anything, you actually own everything in the world.” Thanks and aloha to Beop Jeong

Mar 11, 2010 “When you do not own anything, you actually own everything in the world.” Thanks and aloha to Beop Jeong

On January 21, 2010, I blogged about Buddhist monk Beop Jeong, who conveyed many profound things of relevance beyond Buddhists, including: “If an idea comes to you, and you hastily speak of it, it does not ripen inside. Because of this, one’s insides remain empty. In order to allow the meanings of our words to ripen inside, we must be able to purify these meanings, waiting until they have passed through the filter of silence.”

When I blogged about Beop Jeong, I wrote, in part: “In response to my inquiry about Beop Jeong’s current situation, a U.S.-based staffer at Korean book seller Han Books replied on January 19, 2010: ‘We hear that he is seriously ill, but haven’t heard that he’s passed away.'”

Today, two months later, Brother Jeong has crossed over to the next world, from lung cancer, which is ironic considering that he spent so many years as a hermit in the mountainous clean air. I send him all good karma, and pray Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.

I have by now found more Internet information on Brother Jeong than when I last blogged about him, including, the following:

Here is a short biography, plus a list of Beop Jeong’s writings.

– Here are informative obituaries by JoongAng Daily,, and the Korean Herald (which provides the quote in the title of this blog entry).

– Here is the only video I have found of Brother Jeong, commencing at 8:26.

– This blogger wishes that Beop Jeong was more widely available in Western languages.

– Zhou Xiangchao discusses Beop Jeong’s Flowers Blossom in the Mountain and May All Beings Be Happy.

– The Musings and Abstractions blog includes this partial quote from Beop Jeong:

Do not spend this moment in vain. These moments pile up and become an entire life. Do not be to tense. If you are, you lose your resiliency, and then it is difficult to maintain consistency. You have to be joyful in the living of life. Everyday begin again. Again and again, wipe yourself off and rise up from this tired old quagmire.”

ADDENDUM I: Here is a tribute page, in Korean, uploaded after Beop Jeong’s passing.

ADDENDUM II: I am honored that Matty Wegehaupt, who translated Beop Jeong’s May All Beings Be Happy, left a comment here yesterday. On March 13, he left further brief views on Beop Jeong.

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