Whether to buy an iPAD or Mac laptop

Aug 31, 2010 Whether to buy an iPAD or Mac laptop

It is time for me to buy a new laptop computer. What do you recommend for a lightweight laptop that withstands being dropped sometimes; runs quickly enough on the Internet and with DVD’s/CD’s; and runs with a good amount of power, speed and memory?

Although I have not used Apple products before — and have felt non-plussed by the excessive chatter about iPhones and iPads each time a new version is introduced — now I need to make a practical decision whether to buy any of the following Apple products.  A colleague recommends the following items, with the following information; I welcome your input:

– This colleague uses an old MacBook Pro, and an iPAD. Perhaps he uses the iPad as an alternative to upgrading his old MacBook. He is able to store discovery on the iPAD, including videos. He has found less resistance from detention facilities to bring the iPAD than a laptop. Do iPAD’s run DVD’s and CD’s?

– My colleague likes his  3G iPhone, although it can be slow sometimes. The free case is needed to resolve dropped calls in the iPhone4. There is a heavy battery case by Mophie when the ordinary battery is not long-lasting enough. A local iPhone user suggests bewaring using an iPhone while AT&T remains the provider of phone service.

How well does an iPAD integrate with a PC versus with a Mac notebook computer? Thanks for your thoughts. 

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