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Why Donate to President Obama, Who Allows Campaign Against Dispensaries in Medical Marijuana States?

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Last week, I blogged about the federal government’s campaign against dispensing marijuana in medical marijuana states by pressuring credit card companies not to process medical marijuana purchases and for the IRS to decline ordinary business expense tax deductions by such dispensaries.

That is but the tip of the iceberg, making me wonder whether President Obama feels free to utterly alienate advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana specifically and marijuana in general (let alone his poor overall civil liberties record), figuring that most of them will vote for him by default even if they will not send him campaign contributions. Does President Obama — revealed to have been quite the marijuana-smoking aficionado during his youth in Hawaii, in addition to his autobiography’s admitted cocaine snorting in his much younger years — forget that plenty of “liberal” voters sometimes bolt for third party candidates, which is how Al Gore lost the 2000 election when Ralph Nader garnered substantial votes?

Following are some links about the heavy-handed methods the Obama administration is using in reducing the ready availability of marijuana to those with medical doctor’s medical marijuana recommendations in medical marijuana states:

“Federal authorities said [July 11, 2012] that they plan to seize the Oakland property used by Harborside Health Center, which is believed to be the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.

  • – Despite local government support and financing assistance, the Los Angeles Recovery Center was unable to withstand federal efforts to close it down. Harborside has local government support, but that may not be enough for its fight against federal closure efforts.
  • Scott Morgan — of Flex Your Rights — gives a detailed opinion rundown of the Obama Administration’s push against medical marijuana.
  • – Lisa Leff provides further details and opinions about the feds’ campaign against Harborside Health.

Don’t let Obama take your vote for granted. Please tell him and Attorney General Eric Holder to stop trying to penalize and close medical marijuana growers and dispensaries.