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Why pay tuition to be drug tested?

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Why pay tuition to be drug tested? Why indeed?

Drug testing became rampant by the 1980’s in the workplace, in professional and Olympic-type sports, for criminal defendants under pretrial release and on probation, and to play interscholastic sports. Nancy Reagan was chanting her mantra "Just Say No" to drugs.

We now have around two generations that have grown up with the invasion of privacy of drug testing. Many of them are in positions of governmental, financial and institutional authority. It is harder for them to respect and protect others’ privacy if they have not learned by example about having their own privacy respected.

Now it turns out that a government-run community college in Missouri mandatorily drug tests its students. If the college, Linn State Technical College, is the only game in town at that price, it will not be as easy for its students and potential students to refuse drug tests. This being a government-run college, though, the Missouri taxpayers can pressure their lawmakers and the college to trash its drug testing program, and a lawsuit, if filed, will hopefully trash the program. The rest of us need to be vigilant against such programs coming to other schools, and against the rampant drug testing that already infests our society.