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Will D.C. real estate values mushroom with the coming of legal medical marijuana?

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The District of Columbia and the surrounding Beltway/Route 495 are a true center of the dreaded government-military-industrial complex. On an individual level, many participants in the G-M-I complex are wonderful people, with many doing good things for society. As a whole, though, the G-M-I complex is overgrown, is overly oppressive, and is overly beholden to power structures rather than to individuals.

What would happen if the G-M-I complex participants — and everyone else — had access to lawfully-recommended, lawfully-grown, and lawfully-obtained medical marijuana? That day seems soon upon us, in the District of Columbia.

Marijuana is great medicine. After eleven years of federal Congressional blockage of D.C.’s  referendum/ Initiative 59 to legalize medical marijuana (see the law here) — with D.C. residents being victims of taxation without fully-voting Congressional representation — the U.S. House of Representatives last week approved an appropriations bill that includes a provision clearing the way for D.C.’s medical marijuana law to take effect. The Washington Post’s editorial folks expect the Senate to approve the bill, as well. 

D.C.’s medical marijuana law is expansive, including the right to grow, buy and deliver marijuana exclusively for those with physicians’ recommendations of marijuana’s medical necessity for them. Now my clients who use marijuana medicinally have a local venue for using it legally, rather than having to pull up roots and transplant themselves to the far-flung places where medical marijuana is currently allowed.

This news is big. The wonderful possibilities are huge.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to an emailer who alerted me to the updated status of the D.C. medical marijuana law.