Will even overseas “pornography” producers face execution in Iran?

Jun 18, 2007 Will even overseas “pornography” producers face execution in Iran?

Death penalty: Always unjust

Last Wednesday, Iran’s parliament approved, 148-5, a law qualifying producers, directors, camera people and actors of moving "pornographic" images for the death penalty. Thanks to a fellow lawyers’ listserv member for bringing this sad story to my attention.

I would like to know the names of the five legislators who voted against the measure, and wish a majority of parliament had taken their lead. I also wonder if the legislation limits itself to acts taken on Iranian soil, rather than for any material available on the Internet, even if produced and uploaded elsewhere. Finally, I am interested in knowing how the legislation defines pornography; in the United States, pornography is not a legal term of art, except when used in conjunction with prohibitions against child pornography.

The bill will not become law without approval from the Guardian Council, the conservative-dominated body that determines whether legislation is consistent with the consitution and Islamic law. If luck will have it, hopefully that Council will be persuaded by the five legislators who voted against the legislation. 

Jon Katz.

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