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“Those who harm are like a precious treasure,” providing us further practice to win the battle

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Praised be my father for having encouraged me to try out for my high school’s cross country running team when I started freshman year, and for encouraging doing so as a way to continue my recent introduction to long distance running rather than for winning races. With the team, I learned the exhilaration of pushing one more mile, and then another, and then another and even more. I learned to transcend the teammates who were more divisive than being teamplayers. I learned to delight in the natural beauty of a town that I was previously getting tired of, being shown the steps trail behind Lake Mohican, the path over the Merritt Parkway, and the big hill on Grandview Road. I learned to sprint at the end of a long run, to feel like flying in the middle of a long run, to handle heavy rain as drizzle, cold weather as invigoration, and hot weather as part of the game of being.

Praised be our cross country coach for encouraging us to compete against ourselves rather than to be attached to whether we won or not. Our team was ranked far from the top in our county, and perhaps some members felt the coach was not encouraging us enough. For me, this was the first time I was told this important lesson of looking within ourselves for improvement, and not to curse opponents, the weather, a foot blister, or a cramp (grab the cramp, and keep running). While winning is critical to criminal defense, winning comes while clearing the unnecessary distractions on the path to victory.

Some athletes break the rules and fight dirty, with spitballs, throwing dirt in the face, and spying on the opposing teams’ strategy. Gladiator fights make all the foregoing dirty fighting look like tiddlywinks.

Letting opponents or other outside forces get under our skin is  a distraction to victory. Do you really want to drive an opponent crazy? Let every one of his or her dastardly acts roll off your back like water off of a duck. With that, here are some more thoughts on winning no matter how evil, conniving, or underhanded the opponent and even judge can be:

 In the courtroom battlefield, compassion must never make a lawyer hesitate to pull the proverbial trigger. Just do so without any anger whatsoever.

As Master Kan in Kung Fu counseled: “Check rather than hurt. Hurt rather than maim. Maim rather than kill. For all life is precious nor can any be replaced.” And never hesitate damaging the other side when needed to harmonize your own situation. Of course, I am speaking at all times of following the law, and, for me, also following the lawyers professional conduct rules when battling in court.

– No matter how meshuga the concept may or may not be in Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono to take full responsibility for any problem we become aware of — even mass murders — doing so removes us from getting bent out of shape by the trespasses of others, and instead keeps us working on our own self improvement.

– Everyone is my teacher, starting with my worst enemy.

– Well being boils down to daily practice. That is all.

Have compassion for all, even your real and perceived enemies.

– “Those who harm are like a precious treasure.” (From 37 Practices of Bodhisattvasfurther addressed by my teacher Ven. Thubten Chodron here in Don’t Believe Everything You Think). For me, they teach me how to stay powerfully calm in the eye of the storm. Ven. Chodron goes further to say that those who do harm are the most essential people for us to learn from to be on the right path.

– Beware chomping down on your opponent’s testicles, lest you find yourself chomping down on your own.

– A prosecutor recently and wisely told me when I addressed the matter, he would not likely yell at me, even if I yelled at him. The yeller has lost control and thus power.

– When yelled at, the taijiquan solution is to yield to the yell in order to neutralize it, turn to the opponent, and push, eject, or send away the opponent.

– When your mirror is cleared, it is harder for others to latch onto any past negative experiences or feelings they had about you, and for you to do the same with them.

– Nothing can harm pure energy, but pure energy can be infinitely powerful, like a tidalwave whose water cannot be harmed, a hurricane whose wind cannot be pushed, and a lightning bolt whose electricity cannot be moved Being pure energy is the way.