Woman kills self after man sees her nude

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Nov 08, 2009 Woman kills self after man sees her nude

Thanks to a listserv member for posting this link — and ideas about its relationship to people’s relationship to nudity — to the following October 14, 2009, China Daily article:

A woman from Huxian county in Shaanxi province ended her life after a man accidentally saw her nude in a public bathroom last Thursday.

The man said he had accidentally walked into the women’s bathroom and saw the 25-year-old girl naked and immediately ran out.

Hours later the woman drank a bottle of pesticide. (Huashang Daily)

Did the woman kill herself only because the man saw her nude, or were other issues going on in her life? Does China repress public nudity as much as state criminal laws do in the United States?

In any event, the rampant anti-nudity laws in the United States probably create too much unnecessary shame by people about the very nude bodies with which they were born. See my nudity law discussions here, here and here.

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