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Working on myself as I work for my clients

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There is no "out there" for the mind. Consequently, why handicap  my power in anger at a judge who appears to shred the Constitution or who yellingly disrespects litigants and their lawyers, prosecutors who act underhanded, and cops who act as legalized thugs? I have within me the ability myself and collectively to stand up to put an end to all injustice and inhumanity, rather than merely to sit in the corner and stew over it.

When I am about to advise a client to present as much persuasive calmness in the courtroom, I need to remember to keep working on myself to achieve and maintain powerful calmness at all times, as well.

Consequently, Gandhi had it right when he asked a mother to come back in three days before telling her child to stop eating sweets, because Gandhi first wanted to give himself a chance to stop eating them.

When prosecutors, cops, judges or anyone else tries pushing my buttons, it is a new opportunity for me to respond with powerful t’ai chi.