WTOP radio 1050 FM interviews Jon Katz about random subway searches in the D.C. area

Dec 22, 2010 WTOP radio 1050 FM interviews Jon Katz about random subway searches in the D.C. area


Bill of Rights. (From the public domain.)

WTOP Radio 1050 FM’s Adam Tuss interviewed me yesterday on my opposition to random bag searches on the DC-area subway system. The points I made include:

– The searches are unconstitutional.

– Whether or not the courts permit the searches, those who will give up liberty in an effort to get more security risk losing both.

– If government wants to encourage people to reduce traffic and pollution by taking the subway, the random searches will have the opposite result.

– The searches are not in my name, as a regional taxpayer whose dollars go towards the high-budget subway system.

– If the courts permit the searches, they need to draw the line against random searches of cars.

– Youths today are not learning good lessons about respecting privacy when they see the rampant daily invasions of privacy. Today’s youths seeing invasions of privacy are tomorrow’s adults addressing the same issues.

– The violations of these random subway searches are made worse when coming on the heels of airport body scans and highly-intrusive grope searches.

– If asked to have your bag searched, decline. The only penalty for declining is to be denied access to the subway at that moment.

– In addition to the points I made during the interview, see my top ten list for dealing with the police.

ADDENDUM: Some of my blurbs from the foregoing interview got aired on WTOP FM-1050 in the afternoon of December 24, including minute 5:20 here.

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