Arlington Criminal Lawyer with a satellite meeting office near the courthouse

Arlington criminal lawyer | Virginia DUI attorney

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Arlington Criminal Lawyer/ Virginia DUI attorney Jon Katz regularly defends in the the county courthouse, since 1998. His satellite meeting office is four blocks from the courthouse.

Arlington Criminal Lawyer/ Virginia DUI Attorney

Arlington Criminal Lawyer/ Virginia DUI Attorney

Arlington is the northernmost county in Northern Virginia, and its courthouse has four Circuit Court judges, General District Court judges, and two Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court judges. The court’s busy caseload is related to the many county residents and the many people coming to the county for work, leisure, cross-county travel, and the the National Airport. 

Virginia Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz regularly defends in this courthouse

Arlington Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz is experienced appearing before this court’s judges and dealing with the county’s prosecutors. County jurors include those who are at once sensitive to litigants’ rights but also many who believe in the policing and prosecutorial system, with many being government employees or relatives of government employees.

For Arlington General District Court criminal and DUI trials and preliminary hearings, a prosecutor usually is assigned around two to three weeks before the trial or preliminary hearing date. Once a prosecutor is assigned, the criminal defense lawyer can seek discovery from the prosecutor through informal discovery, or can seek a formal court discovery order.

Do not expect a continuance on the Arlington County trial date

Criminal defendants and their lawyers need to be fully prepared to proceed on their District Court and Circuit Court trial and preliminary hearing dates. In some Virginia courthouses, continuing the first trial or preliminary hearing date may be common in General District Court, but not in Arlington County.

Here are the Arlington County Circuit Court Local Rules and Preferred Practices.  Circuit Court filings ideally will be filed electronically.

Cellphones are not permitted in this courthouse for non-lawyers

Non-lawyer visitors to the Arlington County courthouse are barred from bringing cellphone, smartwatched and other computerized devices into the courthouse. Cellphones may be left in one’s car, or in the 25-cent lockers on the first floor of the jail, which faces the courthouse entrance.

Arlington criminal lawyer Jon Katz is experienced since 1998 with the exacting requirements of defending in the Arlington County courthouse. for felony, misdemeanor and DUI cases. For a confidential consultation with Jon about your case, please contact his staff for an appointment at (703) 383-1100