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Practice Areas of Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz

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Practice Areas of Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz

Practice areas of Fairfax criminal lawyer / Virginia DUI attorney Jonathan L. Katz, who has successfully defended thousands of clients for felony, misdemeanor, DUI, and drug cases since 1991. Jon Katz defends your rights for:

Criminal Defense

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz since 1991 has successfully defended thousands of criminal defendants charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses ranging from assault to DUI to theft to drugs to sex offenses to homicide. As a Virginia criminal defense attorney, Jon Katz knows that even a misdemeanor conviction without active jail time can harm one’s reputation, job, security clearance, educational path and immigration status, let alone future bond status and sentencing for any new criminal cases. Learn more here

DUI Defense

Virginia DUI lawyer Jon Katz has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with DUI, which is a substantial practice area for him. DUI laws overly simplistically and unjustly make it a crime to drive with a blood alcohol level of at least 0.08, rather than letting that be considered in determining whether the charge has been proven. A Virginia DUI conviction risks jail, imposes a lengthy driving suspension requiring at least six months of interlock driving for any restricted driving, and mandatory minimum jail for a second DUI conviction. Fight back when charged with DUI / DWI and or other crime. Learn more here

Drug Defense

Virginia drug lawyer / Fairfax marijuana attorney Jon Katz in 1991 transitioned from corporate law firm work to full-time criminal defense work in substantial part out of opposition to the unnecessary misery and cost of the drug wars. Drug defense remains one of Jon’s significant practice areas. Prosecutions for drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, sales and distribution, importing and manufacturing consume a substantial portion of courts’ criminal case dockets. A drug conviction or so-called 251 disposition can haunt one for the rest of his or her life,  Drug charges need to be fought tooth and nail, beginning with suppression arguments. Learn more here

Assault / Violent Crimes

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with assault and violent crimes. Even a seemingly minor affray can turn into a prosecution for misdemeanor assault and sometimes felony malicious wounding, unlawful wounding and strangulation. Common defenses against assault charges is that the assault did not happen, misidentification of the assailant, and defense of self or others. The person making an assault complaint cannot easily try to undo that, and often needs a lawyer to advocate for a dismissal if that is what the complainant wants.  Learn more here

Theft / Financial Fraud

Virginia criminal defense attorney Jon Katz  has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with theft and theft-related crimes including embezzlement. Many defenses exist for many theft cases, including whether the item was actually stolen, whether the defendant knew the item had been stolen, whether the value meets the $500 felony theft threshold, and whether the proper civilian complaining witness has appeared in court. Beware that such a “diversion” program as the Fairfax OAR theft dismissal approach first requires a finding of facts sufficient to convict, which is no blessing. Learn more here

Guns/ Weapons

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz has successfully defended scores of clients charged with firearm, handgun and other weapons offense. Despite the Second Amendment’s text that seemingly provides wide-ranging protection to bear arms, the Virginia and federal courts okay prosecutions for carrying concealed weapons without a permit, unlawful firearm discharge, possessing firearms in relation to drug crimes, and being a felon in possession of a firearm (the last two of which involve harsh mandatory minimum incarceration sentencing). All weapons charges need to be fully defended. Learn more here

Prostitution / Solicitation Defense

Virginia criminal defense lawyer Jon Katz happily defends against prosecutions for prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, bawdy place, and all other commercial and non-commercial sexual activities among mutually-consenting adults. America has a bipolar relationship with sex, with the currents of the 1960’s sexual revolution and the counterpoint of puritanism. A prostitution or solicitation conviction needs to be avoided reputation-wise and immigration-wise. The prosecutor cannot always prove all elements needed to obtain such a conviction. Learn more here

Rape / Sexual Assault

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz gladly defends all criminal cases, even for such intolerable crimes (if committed) as rape (of the nonconsensual type, not consensual sex with a 17 year old, for instance) and sexual assault. An accusation never automatically means guilt. Key defenses against charges of rape and sexual assault include misidentification of the perpetrator and consent. Virginia criminalizes sexual activity between adults and minors (at best an indecent liberties prosecution), and solicitation of a minor for sex — and even to expose a minor’s nudity — is a Virginia crime. Learn more here

Child Pornography

Virginia sex crime lawyer Jon Katz has developed in-depth essential experience and knowledge for the practice area of defending against child pornography charges, including working with computer forensic experts, being ready to challenge whether the images fit the child pornography definition (for instance whether the images are of people who are actually minors rather than adults), and working with forensic psychologists to explain such behavior and a recovery plan. Merely possessing a computer device containing child pornography does not mean the defendant knows its contents.   Learn more here

Sex Crimes / Obscenity

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz spiritedly defends against sex crime prosecutions, from rape to sexual activity with minors, to indecent exposure, to obscenity to bestiality. Bared female breasts should not be criminalized, but they are (except for the public nursing exception). The prosecution may try to depict a sex crime defendant as a pervert (at best), while a wide range of alternative sexual activities (including bondage-domination-sadomasochism (BDSM) and various fetishes) need to be legal when involving mutually consenting adults    Learn more here

Online Crime

Virginia criminal lawyer Jon Katz defends against such online crimes as theft schemes, credit card and bank fraud, and child pornography and copyright infringement / pirating. Jon has worked with top-notch computer forensic experts in defending against online crime charges, and has the patience and keen eye to sift through often voluminous evidence and date to find the best defense against such prosecutions. Among the defenses in this practice area is identifying the perpetrator, determining whether another person(s) had access to the computers, jurisdiction, and challenging whether the alleged criminal activity took place. Learn more here

Murder / Homicide

Jon Katz has defended numerous people prosecuted for murder and homicide. Virginia is a capital punishment / death penalty state, and homicide is treated harshly at sentencing. Defenses against murder and homicide might include whether the death was actually caused by natural causes, and accident or suicide; challenging whether the actual perpetrator has been caught; and moving to suppress all confessions and denials of criminal activity by the defendant. A criminal lawyer defending against such charges needs to be ready to view grisly photos of the decedent and to deal with aggressive prosecution.  Learn more here

DUI Defense

DUI & Drugged Driving Defense

See above and here for details on Jon Katz’s in-depth DUI / DWI defense practice.

Drug Defense

Drug Defense

See above and here for information about Jon Katz’s successful defense of hundreds of drug defendants.

Marijuana Defense/ Medical Marijuana

Fairfax marijuana defense lawyer Jon Katz has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with alleged cannabis offenses including possession, sales, paraphernalia, growing and medicinal use. Jon has many times worked with one of the nation’s premier marijuana cultivation expert and medical marijuana expert, and has worked with a key marijuana odor expert in challenging the claim of smelling unburnt marijuana. Learn more here

White Collar Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

Prosecutions come not only for alleged crime in the streets, but also for alleged crime in the business suites. Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz is particularly well suited for defending in this practice area, including consideration of his pre-law school Wall Street banking experience and work with other financial industries. Learn more here

White Collar Defense

First Amendment / Civil Liberties Defense

First Amendment Defense

Jon Katz is a civil libertarian, recognizing that defending criminal defendants’ rights and people’s First Amendment / free expression rights is key to protecting all of our civil liberties. While the vast majority of Jon’s law practice is criminal defense, over the years he has tackled many challenging First Amendment defense matters for political activists, libel defendants and adult entertainment. Learn more here

Libel Defense

Jon Katz sees libel / defamation / slander laws as antithetical to the First Amendment and welcomes serving clients in this practice area. He has represented numerous clients charged with libel, and his libel clients have included the Westboro Baptist Church where the court, pretrial, dismissed the libel part of the lawsuit against this church whose message against gay people is thoroughly opposed by Jon while recognizing that we only protect our own free speech by advocating the free speech rights of those whose messages revolt us. Learn more here

Student Discipline Defense

Fairfax criminal defense lawyer Jon Katz knows that crimes allegedly committed on college campuses and in secondary schools often bring parallel student disciplinary proceedings. Jon has successfully defended many students against disciplinary actions.  Learn more here…


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