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Virginia Cybercrime Lawyer Jon Katz knows that with the miracle of computer and Internet technology have come massive efforts to define, prevent and punish cybercrime, including online copyright piracy, hacking, spying and cyberterrorism.

Jon Katz has defended against alleged online copyright piracy and online child pornography. With both types of cases, Jon has worked closely with a computer forensics expert not only to challenge whether the computer forensic evidence proves a crime, but also to put any convicted cybercrimes into perspective, for negotiating and sentencing purposes, by comparing such activity to plenty of innocent Internet and computer use by the defendant.

Computer and Internet technology has also brought plenty of new avenues for people to engage in traditional theft, identity theft and financial fraud. Jon stands ready to defend against such accusations as well.

Clearly, the Internet lulls plenty of web users into a false sense of anonymity, even though Internet accounts are tied to unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are easy for law enforcement to trace. Of course, many Internet accounts are not limited merely one user. When a computer crime suspect is confronted by the police, his or her refusal to speak with them can spell the difference between being able to raise a defense of some other person did it versus being stymied from using such a defense.