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Virginia Theft Lawyer - Fairfax Financial Crime Attorney

Virginia Theft Lawyer – Fairfax Financial Crime Attorney

Criminal court dockets regularly include theft (also known as larceny) and theft-related charges. Walk into any Target store, for instance, and behold the wall-to-wall surveillance cameras. Corporate America is clamping down on larceny and working closely with law enforcement in the process. A larceny conviction or larceny-related conviction can be the kiss of death for a slew of career and academic prospects, a threat to immigration status, and a blight on one’s reputation.

In Virginia, theft involving value of $200 or more makes the case a felony prosecution. When the prosecution is for misdemeanor larceny, do not automatically expect to avoid a larceny conviction on the hopes of entering a diversion program; that depends on the jurisdiction, your personal and criminal history background, and the specific circumstances of the case.

Beware being falsely accused of theft and theft-related crimes. Misidentification and mis-reading of the evidence can catch innocent people into prosecutions. Beware being near or involved with people who engage in theft crimes.

Beware using others’ credit cards and checks, even if they purport to authorize you to use them. Watch the false accusations that can arise when the person giving you such permission gets into hot water with their bank balance, employer or spouse over the matter.

Beware how harshly employees get treated for employee lareny and embezzlement.

Fortunately, numerous defenses exist in many larceny cases, even for people whose hands are not clean. For instance, merely being in possession of allegedly stolen goods does not automatically meant that the goods were stolen or that the possessor knows that they were stolen.

Poverty and lack of funds is not always the reason for committing theft. Sometimes the motive is to obtain more property and assets. Sometimes the motivation arises from depression and feelings of being unloved.

Too many theft and other criminal defendants react like deer caught in the headlights once accused, and spill the beans. Although no Constitutional rights apply when dealing with retail loss prevention officers, it remains critical to remember your right to remain silent and to refuse searches whether accused by store security or police. Store security personnel and police are well trained to get confessions from you. Beware becoming another confessor of theirs.

Businesses frequently tell larceny suspects not to return to their place of business. Violating that admonition risks being prosecuted for trespassing.

If video evidence might be beneficial to you in a larceny case or any other case, it can be critical to get such evidence subpoenaed right away to avoid it being taped over, destroyed, or otherwise compromised. Even when the video evidence may not be favorable, it is better that you lawyer have the evidence to review if law enforcement and police are going to review and possibly use such evidence.

With theft and all other criminal charges, never throw in the towel merely because you are accused or caught. When accused, that is the time to defend to the hilt.


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