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Loudoun County, Virginia, borders on Fairfax County, where Virginia criminal lawyer Jon Katz is headquartered. Jon has been defending clients in the courthouse in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, since 1999, for criminal and DUI cases.

Loudoun County's courthouse is a busy one

Loudoun County spans the Dulles International Airport, developed business and residential areas, and farm country. The Loudoun/ Leesburg courthouse is always busy.

Unfortunately, greeting visitors to the courthouse grounds is a confederate soldier statue with rifle in hand. That is the wrong message for jurors, and is barely offset by a sidewalk plaque paying tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. (UPDATE: The confederate soldier statue was removed on July 21, 2020.)

The Loudoun County courthouse, in Leesburg at 18 E. Market Street, has four Circuit Court judges, four General District Court judges, and two Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court judges.

Do not expect to find jurors biased against police or prosecutors in this county

Loudoun County is in Northern Virginia and is three counties away from Washington, D.C. The jury pool should be expected to generally to be pro-police, without initial anti-prosecutorial biases.

In the county's General District Court, hearings must be set well in advance of the requested court date, and court files must be requested well in advance for review. Fortunately, the court clerk accepts faxes from lawyers to schedule court dates and to request court files for review.

Typically, General District Court discovery can be obtained well in advance of trial from the prosecutor's office. For such cases, the prosecutor's office typically provides a copy of portions of the police reports that the prosecutor believes must be disclosed under Virginia Supreme Court Rule 7C:5 and makes incident videos available for review at the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

Often the first trial date can be continued on that date in General District Court. However, it is best to go to any trial date with a lawyer.

Here is a link to the Loudoun County Circuit Court criminal procedural information.

Non-lawyer visitors to the county courthouse are barred from bringing cellphones that have cameras. Courthouse visitors may leave their cellphones in their cars or in the small lockers found in the courthouse before entering the security line.

Plentiful courthouse parking is found at nearby surface and covered parking lots.

Loudoun County criminal lawyer Jonathan L. Katz pursues your best defense in Leesburg/Loudoun County and beyond, against felony, misdemeanor & DUI prosecutions. Call 703-383-1100 for a free consultation and action plan with Jon Katz about your court-pending criminal or DWI case.

Jon Katz Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer
Jon Katz - Virginia Criminal Lawyer

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  • I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and it was a lesson learned.

    A few years ago when I was younger I got DWI and the next day was pulled over driving without a license since it was suspended due to the DWI the night before. Talk about double bad luck. Anyways I went to several lawyers but I didn’t feel they were the right ones until I went to see Jon. At first he didn’t want to take the case because he felt it was to easy and wasn’t challenging. Here I’m thinking he must be out of his mind, I’m in big hole with two different court dates and he thinks it’s not a big deal for him to take it on. Anyways to make this short, I ended up hiring him as my lawyer and he knew exactly how to handle each of the prosecutors for the different court dates and the DWI was reduced to reckless and the charges for driving on suspended license was 7 days restriction. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and it was a lesson learned.

    F. C.
    Source: Google

  • He runs a meticulous outfit, and his support staff was excellent.

    FAIRFAX CRIMINAL LAWYER I met Jon two days ago. He had started driving from Fairfax at six in the morning – crossing nearly the entire state to defend me in a small town that looked like it was frozen in the nineteen-forties.

    The town looked like a set for Mississippi Burning. There were some beautiful buildings – but it also seemed menacing. I had been charged in this small town, and had spent months trying to arrange an adequate legal defense – from my home in Miami.

    When I was first charged, I was overwhelmed by the situation. I then did what you are doing now: looked thru online reviews for the best lawyer for my case. Jon fit the bill so I called him. Since then, it has been several weeks of intense back and forth with him. He runs a meticulous outfit, and his support staff was excellent. They worked very hard to collect and compile all the useful documents. Everything worked. No mistakes.

    I had multiple phone conversations with Jon, but, because of the long distance, had not met him in person. The court date was two days ago. I had arranged to meet Jon in a diner a few blocks from the courthouse. Before Jon arrived, I was in pretty bad shape. I had made a series of stupid mistakes, which had led to the charges, and I understood that, if things didn’t break my way – I was facing serious prison time. Jon walked into the diner, and sat down across from me. He has more than a passing resemblance to Bobby Kennedy. He also has something rare: Star Power. People in the diner, and later in the courthouse, followed him with their eyes. He is a person who immediately meets your eyes, and holds the eye contact. It was like suddenly being in a John Grisham movie, and you are on the side of the angels. Think of it like having Gus Grissom from CSI Las Vegas, sit down across from you at a diner- and he says he can help you. Jon ordered a black coffee and lifted two huge brown paper binders on to the table. He carefully flipped thru pages that he and his staff had organized with tabs. He had all my important defense documents immediately accessible.

    Jon and I walked a few blocks to the courthouse. The sky was a steely overcast slate grey. We went thru the security guards with their holstered Glocks. He went thru some heavy doors to talk to the Prosecutor. The court doors then opened and we were directed to approach the bench. The prosecutor was an attractive woman, in a perfectly tailored outfit. She started talking to the Judge and seemed to be advocating FOR ME! I don’t fully understand what happened, but Jon had arranged for the case to be amended downwards, and then an on the spot dismissal with no guilty plea, no conviction, and several thousand dollar fines were reduced to a hundred dollar court cost.

    We left the Courthouse – back into the worn brick town. He drove me to my hotel in his vintage sport’s car. I was left standing there outside my hotel on a cold January day in rural Virginia. My life had changed in a matter of hours. Jon had saved my life.

    K. H.
    Source: Google

  • Me and my family really thank him so much for everything

    Jon Katz was introduced to me by my cousin’s boyfriend. When I met him for the first time, I was worried about what would happen to my life and future. Jon said keep doing “your homework” to change myself. He worked hard to get me a settlement so I could begin my new life. I was really relieved about it. I remember that when I first went to his office, he showed me that he loves Yoda from Star Wars. After the settlement, I was relieved so I called him “Yoda God”. Me and my family really thank him so much for everything. I am adjusting to my new life and am happy in Florida.

    Source: Avvo