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How our law firm bills – Billing fairly to fully battle for you

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One of the first things many potential clients ask when calling my law firm is how much I bill. Legal fees are an important consideration, and I cover this discussion at your initial consultation with me.

I bill fairly based on the expected work at hand, and to fully battle for you. Each case is unique, therefore leaving me to set my legal fee in the course of an initial consultation, when I can get an understanding about the likely time investment and number of court appearances involved for defending you, and when I get an idea of your goals and expectations in your case.

I ordinarily offer a free initial consultation in my office covering a thirty-minute timeblock, for recent Northern Virginia jailable criminal and DWI cases.

Once a criminal case is active, I ordinarily charge a flat fee. For consultation before a criminal case is active, I usually bill an hourly rate. Many people come to me when they are being investigated as a criminal suspect, and at that stage I work to assure my client asserts his or her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, while obtaining information about my client’s case to build our defense and while encouraging the police and prosecutor to forego a prosecution.

Legal fees alone should not drive one’s decision in selecting a criminal defense lawyer. Your liberty and reputation are on the line when a criminal defendant, and many people’s careers and immigration status are on the line as well. Here are some tips on how to choose a criminal defense/ DWI attorney. Just as one would not choose a surgeon on price alone, choosing a criminal defense lawyer involves considering such factors as the ability and experience of the lawyer for your case, the devotion the lawyer will commit to your case, and the chemistry you feel with the lawyer.

My law firm accepts cash, credit/debit cards, certified checks and money orders, but not personal/business checks. When paying by credit or debit card, payment can be made by email or in person.

Most importantly, I am here to defend you to the hilt. To schedule a consultation, please call me or my staff at 703-383-1100.