22 Feb

More evidence on marijuana’s benefit as pain medicine

Marijuana remains federally banned for prescription purposes, while doctors remain free to administer cocaine and morphine for medicinal use. (The image's copyright holder permits its reposting for any purpose).Marijuana is medicine, as confirmed by many studies.In February 2007, an additional study was added to the arsenal of...

14 Feb

Marijuana – Let it grow for research

Image from public domain. Three years ago, WMAL radio interviewed me opposite a doctor from the Office of National Drug Policy, about Maryland's then-newly effective law capping marijuana possession penalties at a $100 fine plus court costs upon presentation of proof that it was for medical necessity. After...

01 Feb

Marijuana is medicine, and can even reverse munchies

Image from public domain. Marijuana is medicine. GW Pharmaceuticals is among the business world members confirming as much.  Now, ironically, the plant that brought us munchies (and, thus, vital relief to chemotherapy patients who otherwise have trouble wanting to eat and keeping food down) has been re-processed...

02 Jan

Beware Barry Cooper’s “Never Get Busted” video

At first I hesitated to discuss former police officer Barry Cooper's new Never Get Busted Again video, so as not to give more free publicity to the video than it has already received.However, more important to me than avoiding giving the video inadvertent free publicity is to...

21 Dec

Would marijuana be as big a cash crop if legalized?

Following up on yesterday's blog entry entitled "Marijuana as the nation's biggest cash crop," Hit & Run's Jacob Sullum predicts that the excise tax revenue from legal marijuana would not be very significant, since legalized marijuana will be cheaper than illegal marijuana. As one commenter to...

20 Dec

Marijuana as the nation’s biggest cash crop

Marijuana legalization activist Jon Gettman -- who was part of our expert marijuana cultivation team for our recent medical marijuana victory -- asserts that marijuana is the United States' biggest cash crop. Jon's report is entitled "Marijuana Production in the United States," and is available here and here....