07 May

Praised be judges who speak against the drug war

Praised be the judges who speak out against the drug war. Senior federal trial Judge Mark W. Bennett (N.D. Ia.) publicly admits feeling "greatly conflicted about my role in the 'war on drugs.'" (See also here.) Fourth Circuit senior Judge Andre Davis Jon Katz,...

20 Apr

Let each 4/20 bring us closer to complete marijuana legalization

Each year, the relevant dialogue about marijuana legalization moves even further as a serious dialogue rather than anything susceptible to being portrayed as stoners' folly. Worldwide each year, marijuana becomes more accepted for medicinal purposes and more widely legalized and decriminalized for recreational purposes. April...

12 Nov

Marijuana won on Election Day

On Election Day 2016, four states' marijuana legalization referendums passed, in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California. Election Day doubled the number of states with legalized recreational marijuana to eight, plus Washington, D.C. ...