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Engagement is crucial for persuasion says Fairfax criminal lawyer

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Engagement is crucial for persuasion says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Engagement is essential for a trial lawyer to succeed, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Engagement that is effective is essential for a trial lawyer to succeed. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I suggest that all Virginia criminal defendants pay close attention to how their potential lawyers engage with them and anyone else with whom the lawyer interacts. Engagement is a hallmark of the fighting art that I practice, and of the Trial Lawyers College that I attended for an entire month in 1995. Look back to your days as a student, in a doctor’s office, and in the audience of an entertainment venue. The people leading the show in each instance grabbed your attention and trust better when they paid attention not only to you, but to your mood and your own interests and needs. Engagement requires empathy, active listening, and focused and undistracted communication and action.

What is the danger of a Virginia criminal lawyer who proceeds as a lump on a log rather than with full engagement?

Engagement calls for a Virginia criminal lawyer to be comfortable in the courthouse battlefield, lest the attorney be so self consciousness and awkward that s/he misses effective persuasion. Stagefright can consume even lawyers who act all blustery before any trial begins. The trial is showtime, with the proverbial spotlight on every move the Virginia criminal defense lawyer makes. When an attorney feels comfortable in his or her own skin, s/he welcomes the spotlight, which is one additional opportunity for the lawyer to get his or her message broadcast to the benefit of the criminal defendant.

Does your potential Virginia criminal lawyer welcome interacting with and helping you?

The importance of engagement for Virginia criminal lawyers extends beyond the courtroom to how the attorney interacts with his or her accused client at every stage of the defense. No matter how allegedly heinous are the crimes that are alleged against my client, I am there to battle to the hilt on my client’s behalf, which I can only do by fully engaging with my client. Criminal defendants can sense when their Virginia criminal lawyer is endeavoring to keep at least arm’s length from them. That is not a good sign, especially when considering that during trial, the Virginia criminal defense lawyer and his or her client are sitting right next to each other, and need to communicated with each other at all essential stages of the defense.

How do I find the right Virginia criminal defense lawyer for me?

Your choice of a Virginia criminal defense lawyer is a critically important choice. Positive and effective engagement by your potential attorney is only one factor in choosing a lawyer. Take the time to meet with even several attorneys, if needed, in order to choose the right Virginia criminal lawyer for you. Fairfax criminal lawyer / Virginia DUI attorney Jonathan Katz is fully devoted to his clients and their causes. Find out how Jon Katz directs this client-focused energy towards your best defense. Call 703-383-1100 to schedule your free initial confidential consultation with Jon Katz about your court-pending case.