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Fairfax arrests increase- Fairfax criminal lawyer on avoiding them

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Fairfax arrests are increasing during holidays and towards pre-Covid levels- Fairfax criminal lawyer provides ideas on avoiding getting charged and convicted

Fairfax arrests are increasing recently, both because few people stay indoors around the clock in response to Covid (which is what sent arrests closer to when the pandemic started, and also because police reduced personal contact for such minor matters as low speeding) and because law enforcement is on higher alert for the higher number of available DUI and other criminal suspects that results from holiday merrymaking. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, on the infrequent times I am stopped for moving violating charges (the last one being a few years ago for turning right on red, not noticing the sign prohibiting that), I experiment between following my advice to remain silent with the police and talking with them (and then I represent myself in court — or obtain a lawyer to represent me in my absence for more remote courts — and always get good results). Because I know how to speak with police, about the possible hurdles in doing so, and to avoid allowing police searches (what if a passenger or car mechanic left some crumbs of cocaine in my car, for instance?), I have sometimes avoided being ticketed by not going into silence mode (for instance telling the cop of my clean driving record, thus avoiding a minor speeding ticket; and telling another police officer I was just tired when asked why my speed was fluctuating (beware being charged with reckless driving for admitting exhaustion); but in two other instances, my talking to the police simply aggravated them, so I switched to asserting my right to remain silent, which in one instance got no ticket and in another instance got a ticket that I got a good court result in.)

Avoiding Fairfax arrests and all arrests means adjusting your behavior and being aware of increased police activity during holidays

If you are going to make merry with beer, wine, and alcohol during the holidays and beyond, do two things: First, overcover risk by not driving (nor even sitting behind the wheel of a car that is turned off) within twenty-four hours of consuming alcohol. Second, avoid being anywhere other than a private residence (or possibly your hotel room) if you are going to imbibe enough to risk a public intoxication charge, where the definition of intoxication for public intoxication and DUI charges means nothing more than having consumed enough alcohol to noticeably affect your appearance or behavior. Fairfax arrests and all arrests can be avoided by following such simple tips as this.

Welcome respectful police behavior, but do not let it lull you into a false sense of security

Respectful police behavior is to be commended, but nobody should let police friendliness and politeness lull them into wagging their tongues with police. Even I have not been careful enough in that regard (but that is offset by my knowing how to deal with police) when one day while working from home when the court was closed, an FBI agent or other employee  knocked on my door when doing a background check of a neighbor (whom I did not know), and he seemed so likeable that I invited him past my threshold. Do not do that. Fairfax arrests and all arrests can start from police lulling you into a false sense of security.

When arrested, get the right Virginia criminal defense lawyer for you

When you are among those facing Fairfax arrests and any arrest, the kid gloves must come off, which means you need to obtain the right Virginia criminal defense lawyer for you. Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan Katz relentlessly pursues your best defense, backed up by decades of successful experience defending thousands of people accused of criminal and DUI defenses. Find out the critical difference that Jon Katz can make for your defense, by calling 703-383-1100 to scheduled your free in-person confidential consultation with Jon about your court-pending case.