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Fairfax reckless & refusal converted by me from 2nd DUI charge

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Fairfax reckless driving and first-time refusal transformed from second Virginia DUI & refusal prosecution- How I accomplished this feat

Fairfax reckless driving and first-time refusal results are far from guaranteed when a defendant is prosecuted for a second alleged Virginia DUI and refusal offense. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I am delighted when my client and I reach such excellent results, as I did recently, without even a second to spend in jail nor even one extra day of non-restricted driving. The road to this victory was one of substantial teamwork between me and my client, while investing the commodity of the time delay from the first to our third and final trial date. The wait can be excruciatingly uncomfortable for a DUI or criminal defendant, but filling in the time with doing more self improvement and avoiding any new criminal charges can sometimes pay off wonderfully.

Getting arrested for an alleged Virginia DUI offense is the time to gear up for the fight of your life, and not the time to throw in the towel

Too many Virginia DUI and criminal defendants at first feel like a deer caught in the headlights when arrested for an alleged offense. Fortunately, by the time they learn that they are only accused and still stand as presumed innocent, defendants can regroup. obtain the right Virginia DUI or criminal attorney, and proceed to battle. This is true even when charged with a repeat Virginia DUI offense, where the risk is present of mandatory jail time and a substantial period of mandatory no driving if convicted of such a charge. Although many people charged with such repeat offenses would be satisfied for an outcome that avoids active jail and loss of license for more than a first-time DWI conviction, I say it is vital to add exploring ways to win hands down, and next to explore a Fairfax reckless driving or Virginia reckless disposition. How can this be done? First, you are presumed innocent and the prosecutor cannot obtain a conviction without proof beyond a reasonable doubt (unless the judge or jury violated their oath to apply that burden of proof). Second, to the extent that their supervisors and ultimate bosses permit it, prosecutors have leeway to amend Virginia DUI and criminal charges downwards, to dismiss charges, and to recommend favorable sentencing to the trial judge. Many times I have had colleagues come up to me and say that I accomplished a negotiation that they thought was unheard of. How is that possible? Because I subscribe to my trial teacher / wizard SunWolf’s reminder that reality is no obstacle.

Does your Virginia DUI lawyer thirst for the ultimate defensive challenges?

A so-called curse says “May you live in interesting times.” If interesting times are a curse, then bring it on. I would have it no other way. So many of my clients do not bring easy cases to me, but instead come with puzzles to unlock, hidden landmines to find and defuse, and proverbial feces flying at all sorts of turns. This all reminds me of the story of the bank robber who dies in a shootout with the police, finds himself in what he perceives to be heaven, and begs his seeming angel to send him to the other place when every after-death bank robbery he commits goes off without a hitch. Of course, the seeming angel laughs heartily in telling him that he is already in the other place. I thrive for the interesting times, including this Fairfax reckless victory.

How did I obtain a Fairfax reckless driving and first-time refusal disposition from a second Virginia DUI and refusal charge?

Great results in Virginia DUI and criminal court can look sexy, but they always start out with the basics of doggedly complete preparation, approaching each case as its own unique challenge, and the defendant’s cause as the accused’s life, liberty and reputation being on the line. In obtaining this Fairfax reckless driving and first time refusal result from a second DUI and refusal charge, I came to court each time fully ready to go to trial, as prosecutors know is my approach, armed with impressive self improvement steps by my client in terms of multiple online Alcoholics Anonymous-type meetings (which participation is about showing a devotion to being responsible with alcohol and not an admission of a drinking problem), completion of a Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact panel (to show full recognition of the dangers of driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs and/or medication), and completion of a Virginia DMV-approved driving improvement program. Our first trial date got continued under the Fairfax General District Court procedure ordinarily allowing either party to reset the trial date on the first trial date. Our second trial date got continued unexpectedly. By the time our third and final trial date arrived, we had six months of hindsight to show how much this incident was an aberration that my client had made amends for, with all the foregoing self improvement. This third time in court was the charm, as I hammered home all of this to the prosecutor in a way that gave him his own talking points to justify this reckless and first time refusal disposition to anyone who asked the reason.

Can I achieve such great results on my own, without obtaining a skilled Virginia DUI lawyer?

Such great results are a challenge to achieve in the first place and all the more a challenge to obtain until you get yourself a skilled Virginia DUI lawyer. For me, obtaining this and all other victories in court remains the same adrenaline rush as with my first court victory.

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